Production stills. Experimental video. 24’40’’, HDV, sound, B&W and color, 16:9. 

Artist book: “Bread Story”, several elements. Dimensions variable.

The new video and artist book is based on the script “ the Bread-King Learns to Bake Bread” by Bertolt Brecht (1898–1956). Prancha found this text while living in Los Angeles as a critique of the so-called American Consumer Society, in this case, from the immigrant point of view. 

Bertolt Brecht arrived in California as an exile in December 1941, he wrote the script, but it was never used. Brecht’s text implies questions of time, production, consumption, mechanical and manual labor. These materials and artist books serve as starting point to continue her exploration on the moving image, sound and text..

The artist book functions as unconventional scripts for the upcoming film exploring text and image in tension with different materials as plastic, bread, flour or yeast. 

At LACA-Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, Lúcia Prancha will share her series of printed materials and sound recordings based on the script “The Bread-King Learns to Bake Bread” by Brecht. 


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