Production stills from The King's Bread (2019) Experimental Film, 24'40'', HDV, sound, b&w. 16:9. 

The new film is based on the script “The Bread-King Learns to Bake Bread” by Bertolt Brecht. The text implies questions of time, production, consumption, mechanical and manual labour. This text will be a base to continue my exploration on moving image, sound and text. Why this text? I found this text when living in Los Angeles in which I identified myself in terms of what it concerns, the critique of the so called American Consumer Society, in this case from the immigrant point of view. This script was never used, it was written in December 1941, when Bertolt Brecht arrived in California as an exile and it seems pertinent to me to reconsider it today. The short piece of fiction would embody ideas of time, consumption and production. The video borrows techniques from traditional documentary, as well as and Brecht ficcional text that would question its own liveliness and legitimacy today as well as the production of a film in itself, in Los Angeles where the industry is based.

The artists books explore the book as an object in itself with the use of text, image with different materials in tension with ephemeral ones like: bread, flour or yeast.

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