Your Working Chair, 2015. Borrowed chairs of some of my MFA colleagues. 15 chairs, 1 rocking chair, 2 stools, 1 blanket, e-mail printed. Dimensions variable.

Dream Work, 2015. Printed basic combed cotton, silk thread, black curtain clips w/ hook. 64” x 213”

The project takes the form of an installation, an exhibition constituted by two works exploring the idea of site-specificity, artistic production, strike, the social and work dynamics as well as the intricate relations between production and consumption.
In YOUR WORKING CHAIR (2015) I borrow my peers working chairs. By working chairs I mean the chair that they use to work in their studios. And display it in my show at D301 from March 9-14, 2015. I see these objects as mechanisms of our daily activity. These are the chairs that promote the production of our work as well as support studio visits with faculty and other students– they are visible functional elements– as indispensable material and support structures that enable the studios to operate.
DREAM WORK (2015) brings things together that don't seem ready to be. It's a suspended 6 yard curtain that divides the space using the photoshop checkered as background for an image of the artist (me) sleeping in the studio. A superimposition by a series of images based on the importance of the unconscious mind as an latent archive composed by ghostly manifestations.

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