Imatges D'Obreres, 2024-ongoing

Experimental film. 6', HDV, color and B&W, 16:9.

In autumn 2022, I encountered an 84-year-old German anthropologist named Verena Stolcke in a Catalan village. She had conducted a groundbreaking study on coffee workers in Brazil in the 1970s, capturing powerful images of women and mothers, yet many remained unseen. Despite my efforts, I couldn't access her archive or see these photographs, leading me to imagine the images, the possible landscapes and stories they held. While researching her book in Barcelona, I only found a copy at the library of the Pavilion of the Republic. There, I encountered Lourdes Prades, the director, who shared her insights on peasant women during the Spanish Civil War. Inspired by Stolcke's work, I envisioned a fiction where peasant women discussed filmmaking during their rest hours, highlighting their role in agricultural life. Additionally, I discovered images of Catalan peasant women. Here paying homage to their unseen contributions. This interconnected journey illuminated the stories of women across different cultures and time periods.

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