Still from Dreamworkers, 2017

Experimental Film. 9'18, HDV, sound, color, 16:9, loop.

Dreamworkers shows imagery of Jan Van Eyck Academie staff and participants in deep sleep. Their thoughts are floating as fluids vanishing in vapor.

Stills from Dreamworkers, 2017

Like in "The True Sentimental Bitch" (2016), "Dreamworkers" explores how sleep and dreams are disappearing from the lives of the human being due, the intensification of the 24/7 culture: the end of sleep and the new modes of production reflected through the use of the daily digital technologies. Thus, sleep and rest represent forms of resistance by the resetting of the body. During this condensed period of time repressed desires and contemporary fears as anxiety and uncertainty emerge. It seems pertinent to me to reflect about this segment of time –the unconscious mind, the transitional body and its reproduction of mental landscapes.

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